QUIZ!! End of Life Preparedness

Find out how well prepared you are for the later days of your life by taking this QUIZ. Answer the questions below then check the response for your SCORE in the box below.

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SCORE: 0-3

You have some work to do! You could benefit from spending a little time reviewing the questions you responded “No” to and creating a plan for how you will further prepare for the end-of- life. Remember to start simple and work gradually. You could definitely benefit from the Step-by-Step Roadmap for End-of-Life Planning Course, which will help you get through your paperwork a little at a time as you feel comfortable. You might also enjoy listening to some of the interviews from End-of-Life University for inspiration and to help you decide how to get started with your planning. Click here to learn more about EOL University.

Good luck to you!

SCORE: 4-6

Good work! You have done some planning for the end-of-life and that will be beneficial for you and your loved ones. Hopefully this assessment will help you see the areas where you could accomplish a little more. Start by taking a look at your “No” answers and thinking about how you might work on those tasks that are still not finished. Check out the modules from the Step-by-Step Roadmap to see if they will be helpful to you as you complete your planning. Consider listening to some of the interviews from End-of-Life University that match the categories where you need some help and let them get you motivated. Best wishes for your planning!

SCORE: 7-9

Excellent! You are well on your way to having a complete plan for the end-of-life. Use this assessment to help you identify those issues you haven’t yet considered and choose the one you would like to get started on next. If you haven't completed your Advance Directive (or Living Will) yet then the Step-by-Step Roadmap can still be helpful to you.Take advantage of the resources offered through End-of-Life University and the EOLU Podcast. The speakers featured there have a wealth of information and support to offer. Wishing you well!

SCORE: 10-12

Congratulations! You have done an impressive job of preparing for the end of life and are to be commended. You can easily finish up on the last few areas that need to be addressed. If you need help or advice, consider consulting the resources and speakers offered through End-of-Life University. Blessings to you on your journey!

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