How to Tell Your Story and Leave Your Legacy with Nanette Randall

Join us for this interview to learn:

  • Why creating a personal history to leave for your loved ones is important
  • What you can do now to begin preserving your stories and life wisdom for the people you love
  • Options for sharing your stories and getting professional writing help if needed
Nanette Randall enjoyed a long career as a business partner to operations, marketing, and sales leaders as a human resources associate and confidante. She worked for both small and large organizations such as Popeye's Chicken, Price Waterhouse, Wendy's International, and MoneyGram.

After a layoff in early 2006, Nanette embarked on a new challenge when she created Memoirs by Design, a personal history business. She believes everything up to that point was a primer for what she is doing today. Personal history is her life's work, and she is honored to have helped dozens of individuals, families, and small businesses capture their stories.


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